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We are a vibrant community of young global citizens transforming the world through volunteering, advocacy, inspiration, and friendship.

We are passionate about helping people in need and empowering youth to harness their energy and passion to become dynamic global changemakers. 

We are raising money for our global projects and campaigns to help people who are in need and give back. We are currently based in Athens, Greece where we are helping refugee children and families.

 We are a community of young global citizens advocating for causes, sharing stories of others making a difference, and inspiring youth to raise their voices and make a positive impact on the world. 

By learning about other young changemakers in our Kids Unite community, our goal is to inspire other kids and teens to join our movement promoting global awareness, open-mindedness, diversity, and unity.

Take action today by giving a donation that will go directly to refugee kids and families, volunteering with those in need in your community, creating your own fundraiser with your friends, or raising your voice by sharing a story on our blog! We want you to be a part of our global youth community and help us to transform the world to make a brighter future.

Kids Unite 4 Hope was founded by a family that travels around the world full-time. As we traveled, we found our passion for volunteer work, helping others and learning all about diverse cultures. Our goal is to spread kindness and hope by volunteering in communities around the world, raising awareness about different causes, and inspiring other youth to make a difference!

Our goal is to create a platform where youth raise their voices, stand up for what they believe in, and share their stories. We focus on many different campaigns including – Hope For Refugees, Global Girls Unite, Diversity is our Strength, Hope 4 Animals, Heal Our Planet, and Creativity 4 Peace. You can share your own stories and get inspired by others changing the world!


Kids Unite 4 Hope was founded in 2015 after an impromptu trip to volunteer with refugees in Turkey. Since then we haven’t stop making friends around the world and spreading joy, peace, and love to refugee kids who have become our family. Our HOPE 4 REFUGEES campaign is the foundation of our organization. The courage, love, and friendship of the refugees is our greatest inspiration and where we find the strength and motivation to continue on this life-changing journey!

Here is a video from our 6 months volunteering at a refugee camp in Greece.


Pen Pals with Purpose is a global collective of youth and teens making a positive impact on the planet! In collaboration with Mindvalley, Wow Learning Lab, Kids For Positive Change, and My Little OMies, we are young and passionate visionaries building a global community and taking action together towards healing the planet. 

Our first campaign is climate change, where we are learning about the impact that humans have on the planet and how we can take action to clean up the oceans, protect the animals, and reduce our waste. Through this project, the refugee children here in Greece are learning about global and social issues and being empowered to become changemakers and leaders through a loving and supportive network of youth working along with them. 

We are excited to be bringing the Pen Pals With Purpose project to Mindvalley University in June 2019 to work with the kids and teens from around the globe!