The Importance of Volunteering as a Teen

Volunteering changed my life. I learned more about myself and about the world than I ever thought I would. Not only did it shape me as a person, but it also changed my perspective on the world and on life, giving me an incredible insight to the world that surrounds me.

Faces of the Middle East

Stories are what make us connect to people, they are past, our present, and our future. When you hear someone’s story, you discover who they are, where they came from, and where they are going. Here are the faces and stories of the locals of the Middle East!

Following the Footsteps of the Refugees - Turkey to Greece

One of the most memorable and life-changing moments during our time volunteering with the refugees, was our journey from Bodrum, Turkey to Kos, Greece. Since the beginning of 2015, around 700,000 people have arrived in Greece from Turkey (according to the UNHCR), the majority having to cross the sea on flimsy small rubber boats. 

A Visit to the Aylan Kurdi Beach

The day we went to go visit the beach where they found him, was only a week after it happened and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. After much research of trying to pin-point the location, I couldn’t find the exact name of the beach so we decided to try and get close and see if we could find it from there.

Documentary Video - Kos, Greecee

Follow our journey in Kos, Greece as we meet refugees and hear their stories about their experiences. 


Our New "Sister" Sulta

Sulta is a seven-year-old little girl with a fun and spunky attitude. We first met her on the beach in Bodrum, Turkey and soon became her new best friends and sisters. They are Syrian Kurdish family from Aleppo and when we met them, they had left 8 months before and were trying to reach Ahalam’s  sister in Germany.

Uniting Through Soccer

At the Piraeus refugee camp we had soccer games for the kids and they were so happy!  They loved being on a team and playing a real soccer match. Some kids said that they hadn’t been this happy since Syria!

Education is Hope - Teaching English and Math in a Refugee Camp

At the Piraeus port we taught English and Math to kids everyday and they loved to learn! All the kids are so passionate about studying and learning. Bringing education to kids was such a beautiful and rewarding experience!