About Us 2

About Us

At Kids Unite 4 Hope, our mission is to inspire change for a brighter future. We believe education is hope and can create the change we want to see in the world.  Our goal is to ignite the love of learning in kids around the world! Here’s how we do it…

For Refugee Children

  • We bring education to refugee kids through various campaigns and projects
  • We volunteer in the field to spread hope and create lasting friendships.

For Kids Around the World

  • We teach them about the refugee crisis
  • We encourage them to volunteer and make a difference in their communities
  • We inspire global awareness and open-mindedness
[vc_services_container sectionid=”anyid2324″][vc_services_item icon=”heart” heading=”take action” buttontext=”Read more” buttonlink=”https://kidsunite4hope.org/?page_id=702 ” description=”How do you want to take action? You can give a donation that will go directly to kids in need around the world, create your own fundraiser in your community or school for our cause, or send us your own artwork or media creation with a kind message of love and hope! We are a group of fun and energetic youth on a mission to create a change in the world – but we need your help! Join us today! ” button_bg=”#ee2c2c” icon_color=”#ed2c2c”][vc_services_item icon=”book” heading=”Our Story” buttontext=”Read more” description=”Kids Unite 4 Hope was founded by our family that travels around the world full-time. As we traveled, we found our passion for volunteer work and helping others. Our goal is to spread kindness and hope by providing supplies to children in need, teaching kids to be open-minded through our Global Hope Adventure program, and collecting artwork from kids all over the world. ” buttonlink=”https://kidsunite4hope.org/?page_id=700 “][vc_services_item icon=”child” heading=”Start a Fundraiser” description=”Join our cause by starting a fundraiser to help children in need and spreading kindness and joy to your community! There are so many great ideas for fundraisers and it is a great way to work as a group and unite for a cause! Check out our awesome FUNDRAISING GUIDEBOOK to see how you can have fun while making a difference. ” buttontext=”Read more” buttonlink=”https://kidsunite4hope.org/?page_id=1074″][vc_services_item icon=”pencil” heading=”Artwork Showcase” description=”We are so excited you are sending us your inspiring creations for kids in need! We cannot wait to share them with the children and with the world. Just send us your projects through social media and our website. Here are all the fantastic projects we have gotten so far! We can’t wait to see what you can create! ” buttonlink=”https://kidsunite4hope.org/?page_id=704″ buttontext=”Read more”][/vc_services_container]