Join Our Team

Come join our team and become a Uniterfly by sharing with your friends, family, community or school, the Kids Unite project and create your our artwork as a group. Ask your teacher if it can be a class project, get a group of friends together after school, or even create the artwork with your siblings.

By spreading the word, we can change hearts and minds and show people not only the true side of the refugees, but also a way to remember how to love. Our goal is to share our project with as many people as possible, and we would love if you wanted to contribute in sharing the message.

If you want to share the project with your class or community, here is  a guide to how to speak about the project and how you can lead the workshop in creating the artwork.

  • Give an introduction to what Kids Unite is and our mission
  • Speak a bit about the refugee crisis and the Syrian War
  • Tell the story of our butterfly logo and what it represents
  • Share the goal of the craft : sending a kind and inspiring message to the refugee children
  • Start crafting and have fun!!
  • Afterwards, take a picture of the artwork and the people that created them and share the pics on our social media sites!

Thanks for all the support and love – we can’t wait to have you on our team!