Take Action



With your kind monetary contributions, we will be able to help Syrian and Afghan refugee kids and families in need by giving them supplies and educational materials. 

Thank you for uniting with us and making a difference in the life of a refugee family!



Join our community by sharing a story with us that we can share onto our blog! We want to encourage you to raise your voice and share your thoughts, reflections, and ideas. 


You can nominate a person that you consider inspiring and making a real difference in the world to become a Hope Hero in our community. Just send us the story of your nominee, and why they are inspiring to you!

Start a KU4H CLub

Start your own club at your school or community and become young humanitarians! In your club you can learn about the refugee crisis, fundraise and volunteer with your friends, and become awesome global citizens.. We believe that each one of us has the power to make a change – so come and join our community of kids changing the world together!

Start a Fundraiser

With your creativity and talent, start your own fundraiser to support the kids in need around the world. 

Download the Fundraising Guidebook to get great ideas and tips for doing fundraisers! 

Make a difference in your community!

Do you want to make a difference in the world? Volunteer to help those in need in your community! We would love to hear your volunteer stories – so please share them with us and we will put them on our blog! Also, if you would like to become a regular contributor for Kids Unite, please let us know!


Send Us Your Artwork

Create your own artwork with a kind message of love, hope, or peace for other kids. our goal is to create an exchange of art, pictures, stories, and videos, between kids in different parts of the world.

As we unite kids together through hopeful and inspiring messages, we can inspire, unite, and change the world!

Download the Artwork Ideas Phrasebook to learn inspiring words in Arabic and English that you can use in your creation!