Our Story

Welcome to Kids Unite 4 Hope!

At Kids Unite 4 Hope our goal is to inspire change for a brighter future. We know that the youth of today are the future leaders, teachers, and parents of tomorrow and we must come together to make the world a better place.

Never in the history of the world has there been a better time to unite as one voice thanks to the power of technology. We can now virtually travel anywhere and learn about any culture, becoming open-minded global citizens dedicated to helping others and changing the world.

As the youth of today, it is our chance to make a better world for tomorrow. 

Create a better future.




We want to inspire the youth of the world to become global citizens by using our educational program called Global Hope Adventure. The program is a full curriculum providing activities, ideas, and fundraising and volunteering opportunities. With this program, our goal is to inspire kids to become more open-minded and compassionate, as well as more dedicated to giving back and helping others.


We provide basic supplies to kids and families in war-torn or poverty-stricken countries. We volunteer to help families in need as we travel thanks to you kind donations. We also provide fun fundraising opportunities for kids to help us. As we volunteer, our goal is to provide supplies but also spread kindness and love. We want to show kids in need that they are not alone and we are here for them.


We collect art and media from kids all over the world. Send us a drawing, poem, story, video, etc. with a message of peace and hope for other kids around the world. With our Create program, our goal is to create a connection between kids and inspire them to be hopeful. We believe that art is universal and crosses over any barrier or border, uniting kids from all over the globe.

How did kids unite 4 Hope start?

Kids Unite 4 Hope was founded by our family that travels around the world full-time exploring new countries and meeting new people. Thanks to travel, we discovered our passion for volunteering and helping people and saw the urgent need for help in many countries. After an impromptu trip to volunteer in Turkey with the Syrian refugees, we were so moved by our experience that we created a charity to support the Syrian kids. 

During our time in Turkey, we made friends with many refugees we now call family and decided we wanted to share with the world the heart and soul of Syria we knew. That is when we had the idea of getting kids around the world to show their support by donating from their hearts and creating artwork for the Syrian refugee children. After starting our charity, it quickly expanded to kids in need all over the world.

Since we had the ability to travel to many countries, and we now volunteer,  do fundraisers, collect artwork, and are building an educational program to inspire kids to become global citizens and make a difference. 

We are so excited to have you join us! Come along and meet our team!

How do we spread love and kindness?

As we travel, we provide supplies to families and kids in need by collaborating with local NGOs in the country we are visiting. We want to not only provide supplies, but to also connect with the people we are helping and become their friends. After our recent experiences volunteering, we realized that people just want to be loved and accepted as equals.

So as we volunteer and talk to people, we want to inspire them and show them we are there for them. We play with the kids, listen to their stories, and connect with them on a deeper level. Our goal is to spread love, hope, and encouragement for them to be more hopeful and inspired. 

Check out the blog to read fun and inspiring stories about volunteering and helping others! 

Our Logo

Our symbol is the butterfly flying over the world. The wings of our butterfly are two hearts. One heart represents the love we have for ourselves and how we must believe in ourselves to achieve our dreams. The other heart represents the love we have for others.

Only with both hearts can we fly high and achieve our dreams. The butterfly is flying over the world from country  to country going over borders, boundaries, and continents. We want to share that we are all the same and when we unite, we can become one in peace and friendship. 

Our logo represents love, peace, Hope, and friendship.