Artwork 4 Hope

Create artwork with kind and hopeful messages for kids around the world!

In our project Artwork 4 Hope, our goal is to collect inspiring messages for children around the world for other kids in need. We want to create an exchange between kids so they can inspire and encourage each other. 

We want to have children use their imagination and creativity while creating their project and anyone is welcome to take part!

Create a drawing, write a story, take photos or videos, or create a song to inspire other kids! You will be sending them a direct message of love and support to inspire them to have hope. 

You can create whatever you feel in your heart and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

Need Some Inspiration?

Check out the Creation Showcase with all the fantastic artwork!

Download the Arabic -English Phrasebook for inspiration for your art!

Here is how you can send us your creations!