In our main campaign, Hope 4 Refugees, we are dedicated to helping refugee children and families and give them hope for a brighter future. After 2 years of volunteering around the world, we have concentrated our efforts in Athens, Greece where we are currently working to renovate our new refugee and volunteer center. We are partnering with Global Serve Initiatives, International Sports Federation, and the Hive Community Center to bring teams of youth to come and volunteer with us and help us in making a difference in Athens. 


Hope 4 Animals – Animals around the world are in desperate need of our help and protection. We must be the voice for those that do not have their own and protect all the beautiful creatures that share this Earth with us. Get inspired and ready to take action by getting informed and reading stories about youth bringing love and hope to our world’s beloved animals.


Global Girls Unite – Every girl deserves the chance to live her life to the fullest, go to school, and reach for her dreams – yet so many girls around the world are denied the rights to education, freedoms, and making their own choices. We want to share stories of inspiring girl heroes and trail-blazers who are challenging the status quo, fighting for their rights, and empowering girls to do the same.


Heal Our Planet – Protecting and conserving the Earth is not just important for us in the present time, but also for all the future generations to come. Together we can help to conserve and save the planet by doing small daily contributions and encouraging others to do the same. Here you can read stories of youth healing the planet, learn the facts about the environment and climate change, and get inspired to take action.


Creativity 4 Peace – The creative arts transcend all language barriers and borders and have the power to connect people around the world by encouraging diversity, compassion, hope, and peace. We love to see youth transforming the world through their creativity! Here we share inspiring stories, videos, music, poetry, dance, photography, and artwork by talented youth channeling their passion for change into creative works of art.