[vc_gallery_contaniner sectionid=”gallery”][vc_gallery_image title=”Children Around the Future of the World” description=”Holding baby Ahmad who was sleeping with his family on the sidewalk. Bodum, Turkey” zakat_gallery_img=”720″][vc_gallery_image title=”Group Pictures in Turkey” description=”A family of Syrian refugees we helped and became very good friends with. When we met them, they were sleeping on the sidewalk in Bodrum town.” zakat_gallery_img=”805″][vc_gallery_image title=”Family Portrait” description=”A kind Kurdish family from Syria that was living on the beach in Turkey. They were waiting for their chance to get enough money to cross over to Greece.” zakat_gallery_img=”807″][vc_gallery_image title=”Lifejackets and Boats in Kos, Greece” description=”Life jackets and boats left behind by the refugees after crossing the sea from Turkey. It was heart-breaking to see all their belongings as well floating in the water. ” zakat_gallery_img=”808″][vc_gallery_image title=”A New Toy for a Little Syrian Girl” description=”This little girl approached us asking for money, and we handed her a toy. Her face lit up, and for a moment she forgot about her life, and became a kid.” zakat_gallery_img=”809″][vc_gallery_image title=”A mother and her child begging in the street in Turkey” description=”At the stoplight, she came up to our window begging for money to eat. She is from Syria, and is now begging to survive. ” zakat_gallery_img=”811″][/vc_gallery_contaniner]

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