Global Hope Adventure Program

Global Hope Adventure Program


The Global Hope Adventure Program (coming soon!) is a full curriculum focused on inspiring and teaching kids to become open-minded global citizens by learning about other countries and cultures around the world. The program/curriculum can be used as a class project, for a school club, or for any other purpose.

It consists of a variety of activities, lessons, workshops, and fundraisers aiming to inspire kids to learn more about the world and how they can make a difference. As they follow along the program, they are taken on an adventure throughout the world as they learn about other cultures and people.

Here are 3 different sections in the program:

The Cultural Adventure

In this section, you can learn about other countries and their cultural elements such as the traditional food, music, fashion, dance, and language. You have the opportunity to learn about each element and ‘become a local’ of the country you are representing. In this way, you can become more connected with a region or country and learn more about it. During this time, there will be many fundraisers, festivals, and workshops too!

The Humanitarian Adventure

In the Humanitarian adventure, you can learn about the history, current affairs, and humanitarian principals through interactive workshops and activities. The goal of this section is to provide a greater understanding of how to make a difference and  volunteer. You will learn the basic needs of people in need as well as how to act based on different scenarios. You will also get the opportunity to have a volunteering experiences in your local community!

The International Festival

As the great conclusion of the program, the kids will have the chance to put together a huge festival to celebrate the world and all of its diversity and culture. The festival can be a big fundraiser and party to raise money as well as to spread love and friendship. You can sell traditional meals from different countries, have a dance show, or bring back all the cultural elements you learned about in the first section – the choice is up to you!