Kids Unite 4 Hope Club

Start your own club at your school or community and become young humanitarians! In your club you can learn about the refugee crisis, fundraise and volunteer with your friends, and become awesome global citizens. Our goal is to inspire you to become open-minded and make a difference in your community. We believe that each one of us has the power to make a change – so come and join our community of kids changing the world together! 

Starting a KU4H Club is simple!

Get together some of your friends and family, contact us, and we will send you all the materials and information! You can meet at your school, at your house, or in your community center and together you can learn about the crisis and how you can make a difference. We will provide you with all sorts of ideas for fundraising and volunteering – or you can come up with your own! 

When you start a KU4H Club, you will have your own page on our BLOG and you can write articles and send us pictures of your fun experiences! We are so excited to hear your stories and see the amazing work that you are doing in your community. 

If we all come together, we can unite to change the world!! 

Start a Club Today! 

Contact Us and Start a KU4H Club in your school or community!