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Cassidy and little Khadija, a seven-year-old girl from Ghouta, Syria. She absolutely loved her little dolly and she loved playing with the toy cars we brought for her and her siblings.

This little girl approached us in the streets of Bodrum,Turkey asking for money and we handed her a toy instead. Her face lit up, and for a moment she forgot about her life and became a child again.

Sulta (left) and her mom Ahalam and her dad Mustafa. They are from Aleppo, Syria and were trying to reach Germany. When we met them, they were living in a small tent on the beach and had no money after they had paid to cross to Greece but no one ever showed up. 

A family we met who were begging for money to be able to cross to Greece. They told us they had no food or supplies. It broke my heart to see how they were just carrying their babies along with all they owned.

Holding baby Ahmad who is 9 months old. Ahmad was having many medical problems and was not growing properly. Him and his family were trying to reach Europe by crossing to Greece. Instead, they ended up going up to Istanbul where they had family.

Sidra, 13, and Rina, 12, are best friends form Aleppo, Syria. They were traveling with their family of 17 and hoping to reach Frankfurt, Germany. We met them is Kos, Greece and had arrived three days before by boat.

Group picture with our friends from Aleppo, Syria. They are group of three couples and each of their children. We provided each family with a new stroller to carry their children as well as all their belongings. They embraced us completely as if we were family!

A little girl with beautiful blue eyes in Kos, Greece. She was from Aleppo, Syria and was traveling with her family ( including Sidra and Rina above).

A young mother begging at car windows in the streets of Bodrum. She is from Syria and her only way of being able to cross to Greece and make it to Europe is to beg. We handed her some money and she was sincerely thankful. She even snuck a quick smile for our picture.

Boats and life-vests washed up on the shore of Kos, Greece. Refugees are having to travel in small flimsy boats with a high chances of capsizing. After traveling from Syria and through Turkey, this is the first time many encounter the sea and therefore they don’t know how to swim.

Showing the kids where Syria is on the map while volunteering at Project Soar in Marrakech, Morocco. We had a great time there and the girls were os much fun to work with. To learn more about Project Soar, click here.

Shalia from Pakistan was so happy and vibrant. She loved playing with her toy doll and loved the new stuffed animal toy that we gave her.

Trevor and a little boy in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. He was selling postcards to tourists and asking for money because he was hungry. It broke my heart to see so many children like him in Cambodia who could not afford food or school. 

Some of the sweet girls from Voice of the Refugees in California.

Taking pictures with a mom and her daughter in front of the Sphinx in Giza, Egypt. 

A little girl in Northern Thailand

Group picture at Mariners Church with volunteers that were refugees themselves and are now living in California helping other refugees resettle  with Voice of the Refugees.

Holding hands getting ready to start the workshop at Project Soar in Morocco. 

A young man from Afghanistan in Turkey. He was eager to meet Italians and said he loved everything about Italy even though he had never been there. His goal was to reach Austria or Germany since those are the places with the most work possibilities. He ha such a kind and sincere smile!

A Syrian family we met begging on in the street. We handed each of the children toys and stuffed animals. They were so appreciative of the kind thought and to just be noticed as people more than just beggars.