Start a Fundraiser

Unite Through Fundraising

Join our cause by starting your own fundraiser and helping us to support kids in need.  You can use your imagination, creativity, and have fun! Doing your own fundraiser is very simple and can be done by yourself, with some friends, or with your entire community.

There are no limits or rules to how you should do your fundraiser, just enjoy the experience!

Fundraising is always more fun together!

Get together with your friends and family and have fun as a group! The more people we can unite, the more kindness we can spread around the world!

You can use the hashtag #kidsunite4hope on all social media platforms to share your fundraising experiences and inspire others to do the same.

Download the Fundraising Guidebook which has all sorts of great ideas for fundraisers and step by step instructions to help you plan as well as a bunch of fun tips! 

Choose a Campaign

Collect your supplies 

Invite. Unite. Have Fun!

Raise Money to Help Kids In Need