Around the world KU4H volunteers are working in the field to help kids in need and inspire others to make a difference too! 

Our current projects involve helping refugee kids and families from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, in various parts of the Middle East and Europe. We are passionate about helping refugee children and families who have escaped war and are searching for a place to call home.

You can join us today by fundraising to help us in our campaigns or volunteer in your local communities to make an impact where you live! 

KU4H  Team Field Work

Our currently field work campaign consists of helping refugee kids in the Middle East and Europe. We provide activities, games, and educational materials for kids who are in refugee camps. As we volunteer, our goal is to not only give out supplies, but to also share love and hope!

Start a Fundraiser

Join our cause by starting your own fundraiser and helping us to support kids in need.  You can use your imagination, creativity, and have fun! Doing your own fundraiser is very simple and can be done by yourself, with some friends, or with your entire community.

Volunteer in Your Community

Volunteer in your community to help people in need and share your stories with us! Currently we are not recruiting new volunteers, but you can volunteer in your community and tell us about your experience.