We Love Refugees

We Love Refugees is our campaign to help refugee kids and families in need who are fleeing conflict in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. After volunteering in the field for many months with refugees, we were inspired to start this charity and help others in need. We are passionate about the refugee cause and making a difference in the life of these people! So far we have volunteered in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, Cambodia, South Africa, Italy, and the USA.

As we volunteer, our goal is to not only give out supplies, but to also share love and friendship. During our recent experiences, we realized that the most important part of volunteering is the human connection created by love and compassion.

When we meet people, we try to listen to their stories, play with the children, and create an atmosphere of family and friendship. In this way, we create friendships that can last a long time and memories of kindness for them and us.

We realized that they just want to be treated as human beings with respect. By doing so, we hope to show them the bright side of the world and that there can be hope for the future. So not only is our volunteer program aimed to distribute supplies, but also to distribute love and create a deeper connections.


With your contributions, we can provide educational materials and activities for kids in refugee camps!